Research & Development


The NORFAC project research & Development has resulted in a number of reports concerning Market Research, Conceptual Design and BIM implementation





Market Research - report

The intend of this report is to serve as an overview of the market for façade renovation with special focus on Denmark. Separate reports for Norway and Sweden are prepared by project partners in the NORFAC project.

Some general points and background are given in the beginning, before the market analysis with focus on facades and windows. The analysis is based on a model developed at DTU. There is a special focus on public housing as this area covers around 30-40% of all flats in DK, and the decision process for renovation projects of public housing is also described. The state of the art for facade renovation is described as well as selected stakeholders. As politic has large influence on the economy and incentive for renovation projects various refurbishment programs and EU regulations are included in this report. Finally, some major competitors, their products and surroundings/user demands for renovation projects are described.







Conceptual Design - report

The intend of this report is to present the conceptual design for the NORFAC facade systems - a 2nd generation facade system, targeted refurbishment of public housing. The report will serve as an overview for the review and definition of parameters within Social, Environmental and Economical sustainability, chosen as guidelines for

the NORFAC facade system to aim for a new state of the art. There is a special focus on sustainability in modern and future public buildings as these are publicly funded and set to be “lighting pools” for all future housings. A mapping for public housing in Denmark from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s are conducted and three common construction types are extracted for further analysis regarding constructive and thermal concerns.

State of the art facade systems are mapped and analyzed for base lining the innovative and environmental design in NORFAC. Social, Environmental and Economical sustainability is analyzed separately but

aspects are integrated into the system to create added value on several parameters.







Implementation of BIM in NORFAC - report

With the aim of clarifying the requirements and helping further decision-making in relation to the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in NORFAC, this report will cover 5 main topics:



     •The Uses of BIM in NORFAC

     •Potential BIM outcomes and target groups

     •Recommendation for implementation of BIM in NORFAC

The last topic – “Recommendation for implementation of BIM in NORFAC”-will cover summary of the challenges related to the adoption of BIM and methodologies for overcoming these challenges; research on the different BIM applications and platforms used among the project partners and in the Nordic countries; mapping of BIM Uses, design processes and design themes; mapping of BIM technologies and interoperability issues.







Development of BIM platform - report

With regard to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) aspect which VIA University College is involved in primarily, then the aim is that the BIM-model of the facade system should be designed in a way, so that product properties of the various components that the wall panel consists of should be filled with data and setup in a way, so that it can easily be exported to a PHPP-calculation tool for easy evaluation of the façade solution. This will help architects make quick and precise predictions of the façade’s performance both in a LCA and an energy consumption perspective.

This report describe the development of this platform and development of the respective Revit Templates, families and the Dynamo integration







NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
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Updated January 29, 2018