From beginner to skilled user

While working your way through the concept design stage of a detached single family house in a

realistic design process, you will be led through all the tools in Revit necessary to master modeling

a small building, and developing skills from beginner, through intermediate to expert

Through the course of this guided tour, the project will develop and change - much like a real project

- as ideas meet the real world.

In this process, the advantages of Revit and BIM methods (Building Information Modeling) will

come alive, enabling you to easily make changes to the project.

Applying Revit in a real-world scenario, the book sets up a robust model for how to actually use and

make use of Revit in a project in the design stages. Detail and effort is balanced, addressing the

needs of professionals as well as students of architecture or architectural technology.

The book is stringently structured and layouted to serve as not only a tutorial, but also a user-friendly

reference book on the practical use of Revit - to keep and to consult regularly.


- for introduction and training Revit according to "BIM"














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Updated January 29, 2018