Family Templates

When you create a family, you are prompted to select a family template that corresponds to the type of element that the family will create.

The template serves as a building block, containing the information that you need to start creating the family and that Revit needs to place the family in projects.

While most of the family templates are named according to the type of element family created from them, there are a number of templates that include one of the following descriptors after the family name:

• wall-based

• ceiling-based

• floor-based

• roof-based

• line-based

• face-based

Wall-based, ceiling-based, floor-based, and roof-based templates are known as host-based templates. A host-based family can be placed in a project only if an element of its host type is present.



You can download 6 preprepared NORFAC Family Templates:

NORFAC - Door Family Template

NORFAC - Window Family Template

NORFAC Mullion Profile - Short Family Template

NORFAC Mullion Profile Family Template

NORFAC Solar Panel  Family Template

NORFAC Wood Panel Family Template



























NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
The project is sponsored by Nordic Innovation and this website will contentiously  be updated

Updated January 29, 2018