Here you can download the Dynamo files developed to assist in extracting energy and sustainability parameters from Revit families. The files consist of a user manual with install instructions, an instruction video, the main script to run from within Revit and the individual scripts serving as templates for modification to user specifications.


All files are standard Dynamo files and no other packages are needed. Files are tested to run on Revit 2016-2018 and Dynamo 0.8 to present version (2.0.0.xxxxxx)



Further information on Dynamo:       http://dynamobim.org/



Download Dynamo main script


Download Dynamo template files



Download user manual



NORFAC Video demonstrating Dynamo


NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
The project is sponsored by Nordic Innovation and this website will contentiously  be updated

Updated January 29, 2018