Danish Technical Institute

The Danish Technological Institute is a self-owned and not-for-profit institution.


The institute develop, apply and disseminate research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and International business sectors. DTI participates in development projects, which are of use to society in close collaboration with leading research and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad.

Furthermore DTI conducts consulting and standardization assignments which contributes to a dynamic and harmonic development in the Danish society.

Finally DTI participates in strengthening the competences of the Danish work force in collaboration with edicational institutions by means of courses, certifications and lectures.


The most important task for DTI is ensuring that new knowledge and technology can quickly value to clients – either by new or improved products, materials, processes, methods and organization types. DTI collaborates with existing and new companies individually or in groups on technological and management development and optimization – both in a wider sense and within advanced subjects.


DTI focuses on:

- Innovation and competitiveness

- Learning and management

- Sustainable use of resources

- Costefficiency in companies and society


In the NORFAC project DTI primarily provide:

- Project management

- Specialistwork within: architecture, sustainable building, indoor climate

- Energy Flex Office

Energy Flex Office

The Energy Flex Office is a laboratory equipped with a vast array of sensors and computers which makes it possible to monitor and analyze the energy consumption and input along with aspects of management and hardware in the system. Furthermore it is possible to change the façade of the laboratory which will be carried out as a part of testing the NORFAC façade element.


DTI is approved as a GTS-institute by the Ministery of Higher Education and Science.




NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
The project is sponsored by Nordic Innovation and this website will contentiously  be updated

Updated January 29, 2018