Contec Aps

Contec Aps is a Danish company specialized in high performance concrete technology and its applications.

Contec was founded december 21st 1993 by cand.arch. Bo Servin, who has worked with ultra high performance concrete since 1985.

From the headquarter in Denmark, Contect develops and manufactures as a black box concept prepared for local production of final products.

The technical staff and management of Contec ApS have a long theoretical, practical and commercial experience with High Performance Concrete, Ultra High Performance Concrete, Heavy Reinforced High Performance Concrete and Heavy Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete in various business area's during more than 25 years.


Contec possesses numerous patents and have patent pending solutions for security industry, infrastructure industry as well as housing, prefabrication and architectural applications. Contec is an innovative and world leading company within UHPC technology.

The extreme dense microstructure and strength of our binder compared to traditional cement is the core of all Contec products.


Contec products are used in architectural applications e.g. as sandwich panels in various designs – e.g. in 76 residencial houses in Hasselager, Denmark in 2013, where both solar panels and air/water heat pumps were incorporated to achieve “plus-energy” status.

Light  ultra-thin façade panels

At precent Contec is working on developing thin lightweight fibre reinforced façade panels for hanging. The bapens can have all sorts of structural surfaces and colors. Contec also works with façade cladding in several variations, such as concrete façades panel with insulation.





NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
The project is sponsored by Nordic Innovation and this website will contentiously  be updated

Updated January 29, 2018