Bjerg arkitektur A/S

BJERG ARKITEKTUR has since the start inn 1987, distinguished itself as one of the creative leaders in the Danish architectural advisory industry and the company has -whether it concerns the design and construction of homes, institutions and schools, cultural centers or businesses -built up considerable expertise in concept development and project management, with a special dedicated focus on energy renovations, energy efficient buildings and passive house design.

The main focus and specialist knowledge of the studio is:

- Public and private housing, New construction and refurbishment

- Energy refurbishment / Passive house optimization

- Care Homes, Elderly / Social

- Schools / Kindergartens / Institutions

- Sustainability and passive house design

Of the current projects in the studio, 80% are passive houses, including senior centers, schools, daycare centers, commercial and residential buildings.
To secure an integrated process on all projects the studio has given further training to all employees as passive house designers, certified by the Institute in Darmstadt. The Passive House standard is the world leading low energy building standard and is a robust and fundamental part when designing and construction sustainable buildings around the world.
BJERG ARKITEEKTUR has since 2012 underlined the sustainability effort by adding a DGNB consultant, a BREEAM assessor and cradle2cradle knowledge to the company staff.

Research & development

BJERG INNOVVATION is the R&D department of BJERG ARKITEKTUR and was established as a special-unit in 2010. The main focus for this unit has been to develop, test and integrate new knowledge and building standards, on the base of the two specialties; Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Passive house building design.


In 2013 BJERG INNOVATION developed a Revit-tool to optimize the integrated workflow between a BIM-model and the PHPP calculation (Passive house calculation tool). The tool is use internal in the studio, but was also made available to other studios to purchase.

In corporation with various companies BJERG INNOVATION has developed several intelligent BIM objects for use in Autodesk Revit. The objects are available for the companies’ users to download and use in projects.

Egernsund Tegl, Krone Windows, Inwido (Protec) and Gyproc was among the partners.

PASSIVHUSCEENTER.DK is an integrated part of BJERG INNOVATION as a subsidiary, professionally advising clients and technical consultants and concept developing and certifying passive house buildings and building components.

BJERG INNOVVATION offers competent consultation n and certification services for passive house projects, both for new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings to meet the passive house standard criterias. Likewise BJERG INNOVVATION offers consulting for building components aimed for Passive house certification. Consulting and development of Passive house certified building component has been performed in corporation with Egernsund Tegl, PT Windows, Krone Windows, Scandia Windows, Inwido (Protec) and HiCon fiber concrete.








NORFAC is a Nordic research and development project involving 10 partners collaborating in the development of an innovative Nordic facade system.
The project is sponsored by Nordic Innovation and this website will contentiously  be updated

Updated January 29, 2018